I have a project I want to clone:

$ git clone repo1 repo2

Everything copies over. Then I initiate submodules:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

It downloads and populates the folders for all the submodules. I move into a directory of a submodule, and it's not a proper repo anymore.

I look closely at the submodule files and the .git folder has instead been turned into a file. This means I can't do development work on the submodules in the newly cloned project.

How do I get the clone to replicate the submodules, as git repos themselves, per the original project?

EDIT: May this have something to do with cloning from a relative path on the same machine? Perhaps an absolute path changes the manner of the clone?

This thread is exactly the same issue I'm having, but I just don't see the proposed solution as being the ideal answer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9459532/revert-to-pre-git-v1-7-8-git-submodule-behavior-with-submodule-filesystem-locati


I've learned initiated submodules are headless. Fix:

$ git submodule foreach git checkout master

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