Is there a good video conversion software for Windows that supports widescreen format?

Things I tried from download.com don't support widescreen. It creates black bars top and bottom.

I like AVS Video Converter, but it isn't free. Is there a good free one?

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Handbrake handles this well on both OSX and Windows. Also you can do it with ffMpeg directly as well.


I've used SUPER and had good results, but some people are leery that it might be a bit suspicious (so, be careful and make you're you're only downloading from the developer's site).

It's basically a front-end to the ffmpeg library, which can do anything and everything video-related.


This really depends on your skill and if you want to use command line or not. ffmpeg is the swiss army knife of tools for video conversion and most tools simply are a wrapper around it.

I wrote an open source UI for ffmepg to convert windows media centre files to the iphone is up on codeplex here there is a binary download, but the source would need tweaking to do what you want. But you can't argue with the price.


winff is a GUI for ffmpeg and is really good at converting everything into everything. I am yet to find something that I needed that it didn't do


if you're converting directly from dvd or dvd image, I can recommend DVDx.

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