There are some values I have to use repeatedly but are too complicated to remember so I have to keep looking them up.

Is there a way to permanently assign a value to a keyboard shortcut for pasting?


Use AutoHotKey to write a tiny script which resides in your notification area.
Everytime when you press your shortcut the script will automatically insert your desired values.

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How to

  1. Download & install the programm
  2. Open a new text file and copy & paste the following

    x::Send, MyFirstValue
    y::Send, MySecondValue
    z::Send, MyThirdValue
  3. Modify x, y, z to your own desired shortcuts and your own values
  4. Save the file as MyScript.ahk
  5. Go to ..\AutoHotKey\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe and use it to convert your AHK file to an executable

Place a shortcut to that EXE in your startup folder to enable your new shortcut by default.

  • This rocks! You made my day! – jerrygarciuh Dec 6 '13 at 21:23

to avoid using a 3rd party tool if your keyboard has favorite keys

  1. Create .bat file (like myValue1.bat) with content: echo MyFirstValue| clip
  2. Assign this bath file to a favorite key of your keyboard Note: the echo includes a return

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