I have a dell with windows 7. As soon as I click on an email it opens in the window below. I do not want this to happen, how do I change this? Thanks.

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It sounds like you want to hide the message preview pane that takes up the bottom half of the screen by default in Tbird. This would allow you to see a full-screen list of all your emails, but no message content until you actually open an email.

In my Tbird (v 17.0.3), I can turn the message pane off by pressing F8 or going to Options > Layout > Message Pane.

If we have the wrong idea please provide more info.


You can configure Mozilla Thunderbird to start up by displaying a website in the lower-right pane, instead of the content of an email.

Tools --> Options --> General


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Go to Tools > Account Settings > Server Settings and uncheck "Check for new messages at startup." That's it.

Frank D

  • I think what he's looking for is a way to shut off the preview feature, this looks more like a way to prevent Thunderbird from actually checking for mail on startup.
    – Taegost
    Jul 11, 2013 at 14:15

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