Some updates crashed my hyper-v virtual machine. The good news is I created a copy of the vhd file yesterday, will have to reinstall programs, but at least I won't have to start all over. I deleted the current vhd, and put the backup in the directory. When I try to start the VM I receive this error:

hyper-v error

I have tried to give the VM domain users full rights permissions, but that didn't fix the issue. Thanks for the help in advance

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    When you say you gave them Full permissions, do you mean on the directory or on the .vhd file itself? Also, do you have multiple VMs on that box? – Taegost Jul 11 '13 at 14:17

What you need to do is delete your Virtual Machine and create a new one. Then choose the existing .vhd during the setup process.

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You need to reset the permissions on the VHD files to give the individual VM guid access. Here's some PowerShell I wrote to do this quickly. Just select the VMs you want and click OK.

If you don't have Out-GridView, you'll need to modify the code slightly.

foreach ($vm in (Get-VM | ogv -PassThru)) {
    foreach ($vhd in $vm.HardDrives) {
        $vhdpath = Split-Path $vhd.Path -Parent
        icacls "$vhdpath\*.*vhd*" /grant "$($vm.VMid.Guid):F"
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