So, yes I foolishly upgraded my Windows 8 Pro machine to the Windows 8.1 preview without really reading that you cannot upgrade to 8.1 RTM when the time comes. The machine I did this on was originally a Windows 7 Home Premium system which was upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, then to 8.1 preview.

I want to somehow 'trick' this 8.1 preview machine into thinking it is Windows 7, so I can upgrade to Windows 8 and avoid the hassle of backing everything up and reinstalling. I'm sure it could be possible. Does anyone have any idea how? Thanks.


This is not possible. The restriction is not just an arbitrary registry key or licensing restriction, it's based on how the system actually works on a lower level. You will need to do a reinstall at some point to get back to a "real" version of Windows.

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