Does anyone know of any useful Accelerators for IE8?

I have to use IE8 at work sometimes and I noticed this feature, but I couldn't think of any real application of it other than search.


You can have a look at here.

  1. Map on Live Maps – One of the default Internet Explorer 8 accelerators that comes preinstalled. It can be used to quickly lookup an address on Live Maps.

  2. Find On eBay – Will look up the selected text on eBay displaying matching auctions.

  3. Translate With Live Search – Another default Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator that can quickly translate selected text in the web browser.

  4. Weather.com – Look up weather information at weather.com.

  5. Wikipedia Accelerator – Makes it possible to quickly look up information at the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

  6. Look up in Google News – Will look up the selected text in Google News.

  7. Sent with Windows Live Hotmail – send selected information with an Windows Live Hotmail account.

  8. Login Using BugmeNot – BugMeNot is a service that operates a database of public login credentials that can be used log into websites without registration.

  9. Blogger – The Blogger Accelerator makes it easier to write about interesting stories discovered on the Internet.

  10. Share With delicious – Share information easier with Delicious.


My personal favorite is Preview and Launch URL. Great for URLs the page author didn't make a hyperlink and the one feature of Opera I wish the other browsers would take up.

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