How to do change the Linux or ubuntu Localization? is there easy steps which I can convert Linux or ubuntu English into Tami language localization operating system ? or is there any free available Tamil Linux or ubuntu ?


Ubuntu comes with Tamil. Try @Iterrier's answer first. It's the easy way. This will change your locale to a supported one, if it's in the list.

If you're having problems, make sure /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local contains a line starting with ta_IN.

If it's missing, add ta_IN UTF-8 and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

otherwise, continue:

In /etc/default/locale, change

  • LANG="ta_IN"
  • LANGUAGE="ta_IN:ta"

Honestly, I can't confirm if you should be using ta_IN or just ta, but just make this entry match what's in /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local.

If it's not already on your system, you'll need the ttf-tamil-fonts package - it's in the universe or multiverse.

You'll also want to change your keyboard settings as well. Also see The Ubunutu Tamil team wiki.


Have you check in :

System > Administration > Language Support ?

If there is your language, you can easily change it without re-install.


Mandriva comes with Tamil fonts already pre-installed. For other distributions you can download the fonts. for changing your locale, follow this answer.

There is also a user group called tamilinix dedicated to this, you may want to check them out.

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