I need to monitor a folder in windows Server. This folder gets updated every time. I need to get the size of the file and file name inside this folder - Just by running a script.


You can do this from the command line like this:

for %I in (test.jpg) do @echo %~zI

You can also pass in a file mask to get a listing for more than one file:

for %I in (*.doc) do @echo %~znI

Will display the size, file name of each .DOC file.

Use below line to display size of all the files as well as file name inside a directory.

for %I in (*) do @echo %~znI

If sub-folders do not need it, command-line:

dir "<folder path>" /A:-D

You can also use



you retive all files in the directory with the following attributes:

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name

If you need only the filename and the size you can use

Get-ChildItem | Format-Table Name,Length

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