I'm writing a second edition of a technical book about a content management system. I am writing a section about how to configure RSS feeds. Then I realized something: It is getting harder to detect RSS in a web browser these days! I wrote about several methods to do this in 2010, and now all the methods I suggested seem to be obsolete.

Firefox seems to have removed their RSS icon. Inded, if this functionality exists in the browser, it seems to be only through a plugin.

As of July 2013 what are the easiest ways to detect an RSS feed if there's no visible sign (an RSS icon, etc).

Are there any websites where you can plug in a URL to see if an RSS feed exists?

Aha, I see that in Firefox, you can do View --> Toolbars --> Customize and then choose the icon for Subscribe/Feeds and drag it to your Firefox toolbar. That's one solution... Any others.

Update #2. Aha, in IE 10, you can go to Tools --> Feed Discovery -->(see if a feed exists). If it does, IE will display it and give you some queries and other options for subscribing and filtering.... (On my laptop, the Tools toolbar was hidden. I had to rightclick on the top toolbar, enable Menu Bar to make it visible again so I could find the Tools menu.


  • I hope you aren't using the term detect to describe this in your technical book. Being a programmer myself, I read the title as as "how to programmatically find out what RSS feeds are associated with a web page?", not "how to see visually if there are any RSS/Atom feeds listed in the page header?".
    – user
    Commented Jul 18, 2013 at 16:47
  • I no longer see any icon about RSS in View → Toolbars → Customize (Firefox 68.0.2 on Debian)
    – a3nm
    Commented Aug 26, 2019 at 12:51

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In Firefox (at least my Firefox 21), you can go into Page Info and Feeds. I'm pretty sure this is independent of any add-ons; I got so fed up with having to do that all the time that I hunted down and installed the RSS Icon In Awesomebar add-on. It's a little less un-awesome now. There appears to be a few alternative implementations available.

  • Wow, I never never about Page Info. That's a great tip! (Lots of other junk there as well).
    – rjnagle
    Commented Jul 18, 2013 at 19:09
  • I no longer see anything about Feeds in Page Info (with Firefox 68.0.2 on Debian)
    – a3nm
    Commented Aug 26, 2019 at 12:50

For Chrome, there is a handy extension from Google called RSS Subscription Extension. It puts the standard RSS icon in the search bar if it detects the page has an RSS feed.


As of 2019, the Feed Indicator extension for Firefox adds back an RSS icon in the address bar for websites that have RSS/Atom feeds.

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