I'm a web developer who is currently waiting for a touch-screen monitor to be delivered as a replacement for my current one. I don't intend on using the touch functionality of the screen all that much; only when I'm testing out touch-screen usability on certain sites. The problem is that I'm not really wanting a load of fingerprints and smudges all over the screen and I don't necessarily want to have to clean the monitor every time I use its touch functionality.

Are there any really thin gloves (would latex gloves work?) or covers that I can put over the screen (or my fingers?) that would emulate the natural feel of using a touch-screen monitor without leaving undesirable marks?

Sorry if this isn't the sort of question which should be asked here!

  • this is the right place to ask :) – Keltari Jul 20 '13 at 16:58

You can make touch screen capable gloves out of any gloves. All you need is a conductive thread - definitely non-abrasive.

Check out this Google search and see the many methods out there.

In the end, you dont even need gloves, any conductive item that you can stick to the end of your finger will work.

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