I'm creating a little project management spreadsheet for myself in Excel 2013. It looks like:

screenshot of Excel showing columns, some of which have conditional formatting

Notice that the columns on the left use the Data Bar Conditional Formatting, but don't look quite right. Here is what that group looks like in the formatting wizard:

Edit Formatting rule screen

Even though the max is set to 100%, it looks like they auto-scale based on their largest member, and they use some strange logarithmic algorithm to determine bar length. In other words, if I changed the 18% to 90%, the top bar will shrink and the new highest will have the longest bar.

How do I get them to scale linearly to 100% instead of relatively?


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Since you're already using percentages in the cells try changing

Minimum: Number = 0
Maximum: Number = 1

This represents the bars relative to minimum 0% and maximum 100%


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