DNS in chrome is not using my VPN DNS:

  1. Things that should match private vpn DNS records are instead resolving again a public wildcard address
  2. This only seems to happen in Chrome, iterm pings and firefox resolve correctly
  3. clearing the host cache via chrome://net-internals/#dns doesn't help, not does clear all cache via settings. Restarting Chrome also doesn't seem to help
  4. Going to a website via IP in Chrome works fine

For some reason using the "Built-in Asynchronous DNS" was not selecting my VPN DNS servers. I could see that the VPN DNS server was not being used via chrome://net-internals/#dns. As a workaround, I disabled this via chrome://flags:

enter image description here


Try disabling Async DNS Resolver. In Chrome for Android, go to chrome://flags. Search for "Async DNS Resolver", and disable it.

  • @bertieb Thanks for bringing this to my attention. – backtabber Sep 21 '18 at 15:57
  • I don't see that flag in chrome://flags, can it still be disabled? – foucdeg Mar 15 at 10:54

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