When I start screen in one terminal with

$ screen -R foo

and then remotely power-detach from another terminal with

$ screen -D foo

my first terminal dies. (Meaning, if I run it from gnome-terminal, the whole gnome-terminal window disappears.)

Is there a way to change this behavior so I can continue to use the original terminal after screen dies?


The correct solution is not to use "power detach", but just a "normal detach"; the behaviour you're trying to avoid is exactly the difference between the two.

Instead of screen -D use screen -d, note lower case.

  • Oh, wow… I guess I thought "power detach" would make it less polite, not more destructive. Thanks! – Mu Mind Nov 12 '13 at 8:14

Okay, if there's not a proper solution, I found a workaround. If you start the original screen session with:

$ screen -R foo

so you're running screen in a shell within a shell, then when it gets remotely detached and tries to kill your shell, it just kills the inner shell and returns you to the outer, original shell.

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