Where is the actual DTS decoder located?

When I search through the FFmpeg folders, dtsdec.c and dtshddec.c show up, but they're only 2–4 kB, and don't have any actual decoding code anywhere within them, and all the files included are just generic headers.


DTS is not just "one" audio codec, as there's much more included under that name. As for the DTS audio codec you're probably referring to, this is called DTS Coherent Acoustics.

That's where the abbreviation of the files in FFmpeg come from – dca.

In that case, look for the libavcodec/dca* files, e.g. for decoding into dcadec.c.

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  • Yeah, I realized the DCA thing right after posting, and followed your directions about libavcodec and found 10-12 files related to it, thanks man. :) – MarcusJ Jul 24 '13 at 12:03

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