Can anyone suggest/recommend a way to implement a speech dialler using a SIP VoIP service? The software/VoIP equivalent of this

I want to dial out and play a pre-recorded message as part of an alarm system in response to some event. This would be running from a Windows server, so ideal solution would probably be a command line exe that takes SIP account details, number to be dialled, audio file name for the message etc. as arguments. IVR would be a big bonus, so the call receipient can acknowledge receipt by pressing 1 etc. This is the only way to tell if a call has been answered by voice mail or a real person, I think. The solution needs to be free or low cost, not hundreds of dollars.

I can find only expensive software packages that are designed for illegal or nuisance robo calls and I do not want to support any solution that is designed for such purpose.

Thanks for any help.


I've found sipcli which seems to do everything I need. It's a bit buggy, but the author is responsive.

This is a VoIP client that runs from the command line and can use configuration files or command line arguments and can also run "scenario" files for IVR functionality.


I am using SIP softphone using VoIP software. You can not use this not only in window phones but also for android, iphone and blackberry also. I will personally recommend you this VoIP Software and i am sure it will help you to implement a VoIP Auto (speech) Dialler.

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