Problem: When deleting a symbolic link, traces of it remain in the filesystem.


  • Use MKLINK to create a symlink pointing to E:\test MKLINK
  • Resulting output of DIR /AL /S C:\ | FIND "SYMLINKD": DIR output
  • Delete symlink (I just deleted the folder/shortcut in AppData using Windows Explorer)
  • Output of DIR /AL /S C:\ | FIND "SYMLINKD" after deleting symlink: Resulting DIR output after deleting symlink

I expected the entry to be completely gone. Instead it is still there, only instead of the folder name, there is an identifier that I don't recognize.

I originally noticed something strange when I uninstalled the game Age of Empires Online, and noticed that the folder on the target drive was still there with all its data. So, I ran the DIR command to see if I the symlink was still active, it was. I thought it unusual but paid it no mind, and deleted the symlink as I normally would. I ran the command again, and it was still there with a similar identifier to that seen in the demo.

I am running Windows 8.1 Preview and noticed it has a new kernel, 6.3. I wondered if it was something new with NTFS, but have been unable to find anything.

Is there a way to completely remove it?


It turns out that the folders were in my Recycling Bin, and were renamed to that $XXXXXXX format. Emptying the bin got rid of them.

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