We've recently moved our code hosting to github. I want to set-up a dashboard display to the rotation of key stats pages we have on the team's local TV. I've already done a bit of searching for project dashboards for github although it was mostly stymied by the number of other project dashboards that are hosted on github.

Options I'm considering:

  • Using the RSS news feed and Google feed API
  • Creating a new "read-only" github user and just putting the github page on rotation (although this may violate TOS?)

However before I do that t would be good to know if there are any existing dashboards available for github?


If you don't necessarily need a dashboard with features viewable only on GitHub (such as issues, wiki, pull requests, pretty activity/network graphs etc.), but can be satisfied with simpler features regarding the git repository itself, you could clone the repository locally and host it via Gitweb or one of it alternatives on a local Apache server. All of these web interfaces have their own dashboards, one of these may fit your liking.

Keeping the repository up-to-date could be done locally with a periodic job or with a Github repository hook.

  • So I have set up a mirror of the github repository which displays a cgit summary. However it would be nice to see pull activity as well. – stsquad Jul 27 '13 at 17:05

Just came across http://octoboard.com/ - might be able to fork it and make it work for you.

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