What is the Asterisk program event in Windows?

Sound and Audio Device Properties dialog box (mmsys.cpl) with Asterisk program event highlighted in red


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It's the sound/event that is associated with the Windows Information alert type (vs. a Critical, an Exclamation, or a Question).

We can demonstrate this by creating a quick VBS script to create a new message box (see the MsgBox function) and set its MsgBoxStyle to include the Information flag - vbInformation = 64.

So create a text file named info.vbs or alike, and put this in it:

x = MsgBox("Here's some info", vbOKOnly Or vbInformation, "Information Dialogue")

Save it, and run it with wscript info.vbs or cscript info.vbs.

It will pop up a box with an OK button and the "information" icon, and also play the accompanying sound event ("Asterisk").

To compare, if you change the flag to something else, like vbCritical (= 16), which will display the matching "critical" icon, and play the "Critical Stop" sound.

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