I want to setup a tab scheme like this:

  • All IRC-related buffers in "irc" tab group
  • All dired buffers and Emacs-internal buffers like *scratch*/*messages* in "emacs"
  • All other buffers in "user"

I've configured my .emacs for this, but my custom tabbar-buffer-groups-function has no effect. Tab groups are behaving like defaults, like I didn't write this function. What am I doing wrong?


Ah, (setq ... (lambda ... should be (defun tabbar-buffer-groups () ...


Try this:

(defun tabbar-buffer-groups-common ()
  "Returns the list of group names the current buffer belongs to."
    ((string-equal "*" (substring (buffer-name) 0 1))
    ((string-match "irc" (format "%s" major-mode))

(I've never used irc in emacs, so I'm not sure about it).

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