TL;DR: I want to be able to change the name of items in the Windows 7 taskbar without changing the name of the file they link to.

Using ZIM Desktop Wiki I want to pin my notebooks to the taskbar icon for ZIM in order to be able to skip the "Open Notebook dialog", instead keeping links to the notebook.zim files in the jumplist.

Sadly however, this doesn't seem to be reasonably possible. I can pin notebook.zim files to the taskbar, but if I rename them (rightclick → Properties) the name of the original file is changed -- but the program requires the file to be called notebook.zim.

When pinning items to the start menu, a common trick is to pin a custom-named link to the file to the startmenu instead. If I try this with the jumplist however, the link will be resolved and again notebook.zim will be displayed and renaming it will again change the name of the original file, which must not be changed.

So I cannot find a way to add distinguishable items for ZIM or programs with similiar multi-file formats to the taskbar jumplist.


Create a shortcut to the files or containing folder and rename that. You can then create a new toolbar in your Windows taskbar that points to a folder containing all of your shortcuts for an easy 'jump list'.

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    Nice, but...ugh, this is such a hack. I read the first three words of your answer and promptly rushed off to create shortcuts to the dirs I wanted pinned, only to discover that the names in the "pinned" list are the names of the dereferenced shortcut targets. I'm sure there's a good implementation reason for this, but it's pretty annoying. – Kyle Strand Jul 31 '14 at 18:10

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