Sublime Text and Komodo IDE both have a very neat feature where you have a preview of the entire file you are working on in a "zoomed out" view that you can scrub up and down to move around your code.

Does anyone know if there is a way or an extension for Visual Studio to have a similar style preview?

Sublime Text: http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/img/prefixr/after.png

Komodo IDE: http://community.activestate.com/files/images/window_editor_openfiles_minimap_toolbar.preview.png

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The Productivity Power Tools 2012 offers and Enhanced Scrollbar feature along with many others. Also, when hovering over a section of the scroll bar, it also displays a snippet of that code that corresponds with your cursor position (shown below).

Enhanced Scrollbar


Starting PowerTools 2013 you will not find this feature. Because it is integrated in VS. For activating this: right-click on the scrollbar -> scrollbar options... ->behavior -> use map mode. Works also with VS2015


In Visual Studio (March 2019) 1.33 you can do this:

View --> Toggle Minimap
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