I was trying to migrate a Win7 OS from a HDD to a SSD.

I've created 2 partition with 1024KB offset, with diskpart: 100MB System Reserved and a 60GB for C:.

I've cloned their contents using Easeus Disk Copy.

I've loaded the Windows 7 Boot DVD, and wanted to use diskpart to drop the letter for the System Reserved partition and make it hidden.

select volume 0
detail volume
attribute volume set nodefaultdriveletter
attribute volume set hidden

These 2 attribute set commands actioned on both volumes (0 and 1, MSR and C:) instead of the selected one, and viceversa.

I've tried to clear these attributes from volume 1, but it cleared them also from volume 0.

Why does DiskPart have this behaviour?

help hattributes volume

with MBR disks attributes HIDDEN, READONLY and NODEFAULTDRIVELETTER are applied to the whole disk

  • Ah I had missed this. I wonder why this was downvoted. – Milind R Nov 22 '13 at 5:46

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