The MS tool SyncToy, has 3 intuitive sync modes (N.B. sync NOT backup), to sync two folders.

One of them is:

Echo which looks for changes (file modifications, new files, renames, deletes) in the left folder and makes them in the right folder (one-way sync).

I'm using internal GPT ext4 disks, ubuntu 12.04 LTS, for local sync.

How to mimic Echo sync mode using rsync commandline ?

  • I find rsync documentation confusing and contradictory, so I'm asking for the correct options to, on a daily basis syncing two folders, that handles file modifications, new files, renames, deletes, in a sane way. – user19496 Dec 7 '13 at 22:09

Currently rsync doesn't support this feature. This is on the feature request page of some site. Is has an option --fuzzy

          -y, --fuzzy

          This option tells rsync that it should look for a basis file for
          any destination file that is  missing.   The  current  algorithm
          looks in the same directory as the destination file for either a
          file that has an identical size and modified-time,  or  a  simi‐
          larly-named  file.  If found, rsync uses the fuzzy basis file to
          try to speed up the transfer.

          Note that the use of the --delete option might get  rid  of  any
          potential  fuzzy-match  files,  so  either use --delete-after or
          specify some filename exclusions if you need to prevent this.



folder comparison and synchronization tool This is a folder comparison and synchronization tool. It is optimized for highest performance and usability without restricted or overloaded UI interfaces.

* Multiple folder pairs
* Batch capability
* Binary comparison
* Handle conflicts and propagate deletions
* Optimized performance
* Transactional file copy
* ...

Mirror option in freefilesync
There is an award winning cross platform app called freefilesync( http://sourceforge.net/projects/freefilesync/ ) with nice GUI. It has a batch mode will allow you to schedule sync. It's xml file that define left,right folders for sync. Using this feature you can use freefilesync from terminal.

Thus you can sync files and folders using

*BASH script

Do to its superb features and ease of use and script support FreeFileSync can be used as an alternative to rsync


use PPA http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/getdeb_apps

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