I am looking for an app which lives in my menu bar and, with a global hotkey, lets me bring up a window to send an email message, but which does not require me to have/wait for Mail.app or another application to open.

Thoughts? Captio is great on the iPhone, and I'd like a similar flow on my laptop.


Currently I have MailTab for Gmail (Pro version linked, there is also an ad-supported free version) which has a custom keyboard shortcut option available. There also is a flavor for Outlook by the same developer.

To take it a step further, Using BetterTouchTool (BTT), one can set a specific gesture on the touchpad to invoke a keyboard shortcut. BTT also allows for additional actions to take place, such as "Send shortcut to specific app", after performing a gesture (or even a keyboard shortcut). So the flow is:

  • Double tap lower right corner
    • BTT invokes shortcut for MailTab (Default is ctrl + g)
    • BTT sends the shortcut c to MailTab
      • Note: c is the shortcut for compose in the web view for GMail. For more keyboard shortcuts for gmail type ? while at your inbox for a comprehensive list.
  • Profit

All this happens when I double tap the lower right corner. I tried to eliminate the need for sending a shortcut to bring the inbox into view by calling on the app itself via BTT, but it doesn't want to play nice.

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