Can Outlook 2003 sort by received and then subject so that I can always see the newest mail first? So if it's 5:30pm now and I get mail at 5:31, it shows at the top. then if I get mail at 5:35 and it is a response to an existing subject, can it show next at the top of my inbox with all related conversations/subjects with it. Gmail can do this and this is what I'm looking for an Outlook.


Lifehacker has an article on how to make Outlook act like GMail:

To mimic Gmail's threads we need a way for Outlook to group by subject, but ignore the FW: and RE:. Luckily, it has just such a feature. It's called Conversation, and it's an optional column just like date received and subject.

In your Inbox, go to the pane that lists your emails. Right-click any of the field headings, like From, or Subject, and select Field Chooser. You'll get a list of additional fields that pertain to your emails. Click and drag Conversation to the other field headings. You'll notice it looks just like subject, but ignores FW: and RE:.

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