Does anyone know of an easy way that I could back-up my LaCie 5big Pro NAS to Amazon Glacier? The automatic backup feature of the LaCie only supports rsync compatible servers, which Amazon Glacier is not. Alternatively, if someone knows of a similar service to Amazon Glacier which is rsync compatible, that would be helpful as well.

I'm currently looking to back up my company's files for a disaster recovery situation, so files will continuously be added, but not so much retrieved.



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[ Not exactly the "rsync" solution you are looking for, but this is the closest. ]

While doing my research for own personal backup solution I came across

Cloudberry Desktop software.

It supports Amazon Glacier (and many other popular storage backends).

You should be able to run this software on your PC and backup the NAS drive (which I assume are mounted as a network drive on the PC) to Amazon Glacier.

For me, personally, I couldn't use this software for a couple of reasons, but it may work for you.


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