Firefox has a tab bar context menu item "Move to New Window". This will create a new window with all the default window configuration, incl. vertical tabs, location bar and whatever else one might have.

I occasionally want to move a web application from regular tab into an "app"-like window, i.e. all the window.open features removed. Also known as a popup.

Sounds like an addon, but I'm not finding any so far.

Any other tricks or suggestions in the meanwhile?


Found this https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/popvideo/ but only for video.


Building an answer here. This probably goes into the territory of pinned tabs. Couple of addons out there, that take a shot at this, but none of them want to hide the tabbar.



EDIT kind of sucks that Chrome application shortcuts are the closest thing to a solution. If only links could still be opened in Firefox..

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