I am working on parallel computing and distributed programs and noticed that file i/o is quite a bottleneck. It seems quite clear this particular aspect is major issue in many high performance solutions.

So I was just curious what would be the fastest class of non volatile memory available ? No specific brands but types ... commercial and/or experimental.


From my work in HPC, network storage is a common bottle neck.

Theoretical fastest storage

The absolute fastest hard drives, are actually RAM disks. It is possible to achieve 5GBs using consumer hardware. Though you will be limited to a few dozen gigs of storage at most.

Actual fastest storage

The fastest devices right now are NAND storage devices. You don't want to mention brands, but I am going to mention one anyway. Check out the Fusion-io ioDrive. NAND storage devices can reach 2GBs.

High Performance Computing

Ram disks, and NAND disk are great for being fast, but they have very limited capacity for HPC. A much more common solution is to use a premade SAN running on SSD



X-IO Tech

I know you aren't looking for brands, but if you look at what all the experts in HPC are using, you can see the different technologies.

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