I'm developing an ASP classic site under Windows 7 (form a queue ladies). The problem is IIS seems to be heavily making use of its cache for both static and dynamic content which really conflicts with my 'make a small change, alt-tab, hit ctrl-F5' development style. Changes made to .asp files may take two or three refreshes to show up where as changes to .js files can take 20 times as many. How do I go about turning the caching off on my development machine?


in b4 stop using asp classic

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Click on the server name then go to output caching.

Click Add Cache Rule then type the extensions - .aspx, .aspx.vb, .aspx.cs, .js etc. (not sure if you can do all on one)

Then simply either tick the prevent all caching or untick user-mode caching and it should stop IIS from keeping a cache of the pages.

Next time you do a full refresh, it should get the files from the hard drive and not the cache/memory

I do not currently have a machine with IIS7 on that I can muck around with so I Googled and found the picture below:

alt text

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This blog might help: Response caching in IIS7.

It explains how this functionality can be controlled by editing system.webServer/caching section or by using IHttpCachePolicy intrinsic.


This answer helped me, (note: i'm using IIS8) link

I think its better to disable "Cache" of "Output Cache feature" by clicking the "Edit Feature Settings"

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