I have some files that are named like mmddyy_hhmm.jpg. I would like to automatically set their "Date Taken" attribute in the EXIF information based on their file names. Does anyone know of a way to do it using Windows?

  • being lazy I would probably use an exif edit along with a Mouse macro, copy paste ,do the action , step one file, set the macro, to endlessly repeat, speed up the macro to get it done. I still like the crusty old GhostMouse2.0 superuser.com/questions/9492/… – Psycogeek Aug 10 '13 at 2:40

If you know your way around PowerShell, you could write a small script to loop through all your files and then use jhead to update the date Exif field. Use

-ts<time>  Set the Exif internal time to <time>.  <time> is in the format

So in PowerShell you would have to convert your date 'mmddyy_hhmm' to 'yyyy:mm:dd-hh:mm:ss'

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