Initially i was in a team where we have one project and all other have separate bracnhes. I didn't knew much git but picked up in small time just doing basic things.

Now all other members have moved and i am fully responsible for the poject. Now the project is live and i ahve to work on its ANother release version.

Currently the default branch is for production and i have my other branch caalled Johk where i used to do some stuff.

Now am not sure what is best practices and how can i divide the branches do i need to make 4 branches


or i need to make separate Prod branch

I am confused. Please guide me on this


With Git, you can do whatever you want.

If your default branch is production and you're comfortable with that, that's fine; leave it. You can merge any other branch into production when you want to deploy. With this scheme, I would call the main development branch master, and make feature branches off of master.

If I were setting it up from scratch, I would instead use master as the production branch, and make a branch called either develop or next that was the main development branch. Both of those are widely used.

You might look at some formally-defined Git workflows:

There are others. But mostly you just do what works for you. Good luck!

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