I found a solution that states to do the following:

  • Search your computer for Spotify
  • Right Click > Open File Location
  • Click Users > some#-user > Local Storage > LocalStorage
  • Delete sp_radio_0.localstorage

But there's no such thing as Local Storage nor LocalStorage. And this file sp_radio_0.localstorage doesn't appear to exist. Is there another way to delete a station, or am I missing something here?


I'll show you what I see:

  • I see this

enter image description here

  • And as you see, no hidden folders

enter image description here

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    have you enabled 'show hidden folders' ? – Shekhar Aug 13 '13 at 14:22
  • @Shakehar yes i did, that option is always enabled on my pc – Lynob Aug 13 '13 at 14:30

I just tried this method myself, and while I honestly don't understand why Local Storage and it's Subdirectories aren't being listed in your system, I was able to find the file and delete it. However, I'm sad to report that the method itself no longer works due to the fact that Spotify now pulls your Stations from it's cloud player and applications.

The reasoning behind Spotify decision to deny users the ability to delete stations is beyond me.

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