I know how to create a hotspot when connected to a wired network, but when I am using internet from a WiFi connection, this disconnects the wireless connection the moment I activate the hotspot.

In Windows I can use Connectify Hotspot, which enables me to share the internet connection from the same wireless adapter as I am creating an access point on. As you can read on the technology overview page:

Access Point mode allows you to create a Hotspot using the same Wi-Fi card that you are using to access the Internet.

NB: I have been connected with Connectify me successfully from my PC, but due to trial version it is now not working. I think if Connectify me can do that, there must be a way.

Please help if anybody know the way. I have tried many ways from internet but due to single adapter my PC failed.Then how Connectify me managed from the same PC with the same adapter?



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