In Windows, you can use AutoHotKey to make Capslock a standalone key (say, binding it to 'escape') as well as a modifier (so that you can bind, say 'CapsLock + k', to launch a browser).

I've tried everything under sun to make CapsLock have its own special binding PLUS make it a modifier key in Ubuntu, but I'm convinced it's not possible.

Am I wrong? Does anyone know a way this could be possible?


Remap Caps Lock

Applications -> Keyboard Layout -> Options... Caps Lock key behavior -> Make Caps Lock an additional ESC

If you want it to be another modifier you could make it an additional Hyper for instance.


As far as assigning shortcuts, nothing beats Compiz's Command plugin. Sadly, Unity seems to have crippled it. You can try your luck though.

Applications -> Software & Updates -> [x] Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe)

Open a terminal

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins

Applications -> CompizConfig Settings Manager -> Commands -> [x] Enable Commands

Set a hotkey:

Commands -> Key Bindings -> Run command 0 -> Disabled -> [x] Enabled -> Grab key combination

Set an action:

Commands -> Key Bindings -> Command line 0 -> <input command here>

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