I have several Hosts in ~/.ssh/config, and they work fine from local machine, but remote machine doesn't know these Hosts.

Host A
    HostName github.com
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/A_rsa
Host B
    HostName github.com
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/B_rsa
Host remotemachine.com
    ForwardAgent yes

From localhost:

$ ssh -T git@A
Hi A! You've successfully authenticated, ...
$ ssh -T git@B
Hi B! You've successfully authenticated, ...

From remote host:

$ ssh remotemachine
$ ssh-add -l
  ... both keys present ...
$ ssh -T git@B
ssh: Could not resolve hostname B: Name or service not known
$ ssh -T [email protected]
Hi A! You've successfully authenticated, ...

How to use key B on remote machine?

That said, from local machine I'm able to do ssh git@B, but on remote machine hostname B is not known. Seems like ssh-agent forwards only keys, but not hosts. How to make it forward hosts too?

I could create ~/.ssh/config on remote machine too, but what to put into IdentityFile? I could use $ ssh -i KEYFILE, but what to put into KEYFILE if keys are forwarded?

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Yes, the only way to do this is to use ssh -i or to create ~/.ssh/config on every machine, with the same IdentityFile settings.

However, it is enough to copy the public keys to other servers. That is, not ~/.ssh/A_rsa, but only ~/.ssh/A_rsa.pub. The ssh client will use the agent for private keys, just like it already does on your local machine.

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