In Office 2010, I was holding Control button while scrolling and the document was zooming in real-time.

Now, in Office 2013, it instead shows "Text Zoom: N%" (N is the zoom value, obviously...), and then immediately zooms in/out - it doesn't zoom while I scroll.

How to get back to real-time zooming in Office 2013 as in 2010 ?

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    Hm, I'm running Word 2013 on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 through Terminal Services, and it's live-zooming for me. Perhaps you have some graphic setting such as "Disable hardware acceleration" or something like that. – Wally Aug 16 '13 at 17:03

This was probably done as part of Microsoft's initiative to make their applications less power-hungry and more tablet-friendly, and is unlikely to be able to be changed without a third-party add in that overrides the functionality, if it's possible. I don't know of any such add-ins.

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I'm using Office 2016, so it might be slightly different than 2013. The scroll-zoom works normally in Word, but only if opened independently. In Outlook messages, or in Word when opened from an Outlook attachment, scroll-zoom has the terrible "Text Zoom" message.

If I find a real solution I will update here, but it appears this isn't an option you can configure in Office.

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