Using the GPU test tool from FurMark I get only 3 FPS.

In normal use I notice it when playing fullscreen videos: When the video pans horizontal I get these stripes across the picture.

My setup is like this:

Mac mini 2011 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-10600)
500 GB HD
Intel HD 3000 OS: windows 7 Tv: Panasonic G10 50" plasma Tv and computer are connected with an 2 meter HDMI cable

I've tried to change the HDMI cable - did not change anything.

What can I try?


To resolve this issue:

Head to the:

  1. Control Panel's
  2. Performance Information
  3. Tools
  4. Adjust Visual Effects

Choose: "Adjust for best appearance"

... problem solved

  • I always thought that part was mislabeled. There is a "Adjust for best performance and best appearance" and a "make it ugly and slower" setting. – Hennes Oct 11 '13 at 10:37

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