I can't start a new named tmux session.
Below shows what gets printed. Note the 0;95;c weird statement.

> tmux new test
> 0;95;c

I can, however start a un-named session and rename it in tmux.

I used to be able to start with a named session. Have not been using it for quite sometime, and I'm not sure what has been done to the system that might have some implications.

How can I fix this?
How do I view the debug log or something?

Tmux 1.7

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tmux interprets test as a shell command, executes it and terminates afterwards.

To create a session named test, use tmux new-session -s test or tmux new -s test.

  • That worked. Thanks. I forgot about the -s :)
    – resting
    Aug 17, 2013 at 5:53

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