I am trying to use Unison on command line.

I have installed the command line tool, but running unison brings the GUI up. When I enter the password, the GUI stays at "connecting..." dialog and it spits out the exception:

"Exception raised during posting of notification.  Ignored.  exception: 'Unix error(Bad file descriptor,write,)'  invoked observer method: '*** -[MyController controlTextDidEndEditing:]'  observer: 0x257190  notification name: 'NSControlTextDidEndEditingNotification'" 

Any idea to resolve this issue, and run unison on command line? The connection works the other way around, from my Linux to my Mac.


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You could try having MacPorts build a truly text-only version instead of the GUI-version's “command line tool”. The appearance of NSControlTextDidEndEditingNotification certainly seems to indicate that some GUI code is still being used by the “command line tool” it produced.


Add "-ui text" to your command line.

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