I'm using Irssi nested in Byobu. Since Irssi has an inbuilt clock, the Irssi window gets marked for activity every time a minute rolls over. Byobu has its own clock, so the feature is not useful to me.

How can I remove it?


You can use /statusbar window remove time to remove it. You can also use /statusbar window reset to reset the statusbar. see also http://irssi.org/beginner/#c12


Simply run this:

/statusbar window remove time

To add to the other answers: If you want to permanently remove the clock, edit ~/.irssi/config. Navigate its hierarchy:

  • Look for the toplevel statusbar = { line.
  • Look inside it for the line default = {; it will most likely be indented two spaces and situated after the block starting with items = {.
  • Nested within the default = { block, find items = {.
  • Within that find the line time = { };. Comment that line out or delete it.

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