Does anyone know a way to pass command line parameters to virtualized programs inside an XP Mode VM?

I have a VM with Internet Explorer6 installed (and another with Internet Explorer7), and using the shortcut publishing functionality I can launch those from the host OS (Windows 7). But I don't want to just launch them, I want command line parameters to them.

The end goal here is that I want to use a Firefox Extension provide "View in Internet Explorer6", "View in Internet Explorer7" and "View in Internet Explorer8" context menus for a page. The native one is easy, as it would just call "iexplorer.exe %1" where %1 is replaced with the current URL, like any old shortcut. It's passing to the VM apps that's tricky...

I tried just adding another parameter to the shortcut I have (which launches VMSal.exe) but that doesn't work...

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  • Normally, adding a parameter to the shortcut should work, I think. Adding another programm launch maybe isn't the best idea, the command may get stuck on the first program. – Michael K May 17 '11 at 8:13
  • You could write the parameters to a file in each respective VM's hard drives via network shares, then place a script that reads the file on the VM's hard drive and calls the VM's iexplore with those arguments. Publish shortcuts to the scripts then instead of iexplore directly. – Huckle Feb 5 '12 at 1:10

Either pass it on through a VBscript, start cmd and run it there or use a batch file in XP mode.

VMSal.exe does not support parameter passing...

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Manual Publishing using a script having parameters: "CommandLineSetting": 2[Allways Require] and "RequiredCommandLine": Param1 Param2 works; follow: http://blogs.technet.com/b/windows_vpc/archive/2009/11/02/publishing-virtual-applications-in-windows-virtual-pc.aspx

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