I have generated a iTunes m3u file because it is easier to create specific playlist (with intelligent playlists). It needed a little conversion to replace ^M characters to newline, but now I have another problem. In fact, mpd doesn't recognize the encoding of the file when there are special characters.

When I copy/paste what I have in my file I have:

cat -e test/1
extern/chanson francM-LM-'aise/Mickey 3D/La TreM-LM-^Bve/10 L' Homme Qui Suivait Les Nuages.mp3$

And the encoding that mpd can read for the same mp3 file:

cat -e test/2
extern/chanson franM-CM-'aise/Mickey 3D/La TrM-CM-*ve/10 L' Homme Qui Suivait Les Nuages.mp3$

I've tested various iconv encoding but I can find the correct one to create a readable file for mpd. Is there somebody who knows how to do it? Thanks!


The solution was to use iconv on a Mac.

Like this:

iconv -f utf8-mac -t utf-8 file > file2
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