I have a Seagate 1 TB Backup Plus external hard drive that is partitioned in NTFS.

I don't know what's gone wrong – it was working perfectly under Windows.


Open terminal and type:


If you see your external hard drive then you know Ubuntu can see it. If it is not showing up then you need to mount it with fstab. Here is some more info on that: mounting external hard drive with fstab


The poblem is 'UAS' module. This helped me...

Unload the conflicting UAS module if it's running by typing the following in a terminal window:

sudo rmmod uas

Then create/edit the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-uas.conf by typing:

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-uas.conf

This opens a new file in gedit, where you need to type the following line:

blacklist uas

Then save the file, close gedit, and finally reconnect external HDD.

Here is a page with more extensive details

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