Hi I am connecting via Wi-Fi Direct an android device and my windows 8.1.

Once connected they then turn to create a socket for them to communicate over.

Once the wi-fi direct connection is done a Wi-Fi direct virtual adapter is created having a new ip address (different to my pc's ip) so when they go to connect via sockets the ip i'm being given is not allowing me to access the socket

Can anyone tell me if i can route this adapter to access my pc via this ip or not ?

I have checked and found that the problem is the ip address being assigned to the connectionEndpointPair is carrying the IP of the wi-fi direct network adapter and i don't know how to open the port on that specific ip, the ip is different from when i ping it from my pc the windows is listening on port 5009 and connection established when i use the wi-fi ip but when i use the wi-fi direct ip addresses i'm having an issue


  • This answer tells how to connect a Windows 8 computer and an Android device using a direct wifi connection. Take a look at Option 1 in the answer. – karel Aug 25 '13 at 16:15
  • Hi Karel thanks for you comment. I am having an issue because when connected via the wifi direct adapter i am getting an ip address that is not routed to my original ip address can you tell what could be the issue when i try to ping that ip from my home pc nothing – CRL88 Aug 25 '13 at 17:51

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