I've been trying to install the TOR bundle on my fresh install of CentOS but I've found that most repos are outdated and/or not working. Anyone know a simple way of installing it for CentOS 6.4?

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You can download the latest Tor Browser Bundle from their homepage.

Once you've unpacked it, run it via the following command, executed from the directory where you extracted the files to:


EL5 packages (CentOS 5-6)

Packages for RHEL 5 (and clones) are signed with different key due to old rpm limitations, put this repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory:

name=Tor experimental repo

name=Tor experimental source repo

Fingerprint of RPM-GPG-KEY-torproject.org.EL5.asc key above should be:

9D27 0E2A 351C B4CB 6D95  78AF F8E7 95F8 B4D4 03EA

Package installation and running

Once you have the repo file, install Tor using (yum will ask about the key's fingerprint the first time):

yum install tor

Start Tor using:

service tor start

Now Tor is installed and running.

More info at https://www.torproject.org/docs/rpms.html.en


This Reply might be late but it will be helpful. I also have installed CentOS. For installing tor follow the steps:

  1. open terminal
  2. run the following command yum install tor
  3. open "firefox -> tools -> Add-ons" on top right corner of the page you will see search all add-ons type foxyproxy in search results you will see FoxyProxy Basic 3.2.3 in-front of this you will find Install button click on it.
  4. After successful installation restart the browser.
  5. Infront of address bar you will see an icon of orange fox having cross on it. Left Click on icon.
  6. In proxy tab click on add new proxy. a new page will open now click on proxy details check mark the Manual proxy configuration and socks proxy. for Host or ip address enter localhost and for port enter 9050. Click ok and then close.
  7. Now Right Click the fox icon again and check mark the use proxy localhost:9050 for all urls.

BE sure that TOR service is running. open terminal and type "service tor start".

You are secure to surf now... :)


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