Earlier this year, anyone wishing to disable or toggle the Trackpad on the Surface's keyboard could download the Trackpad Settings app. However, it seems that this app is no longer available on the Windows Store (even though it still has a web page, apparently). My search for a replacement has been fruitless, and even the Surface help docs still refer to this now-unavailable app.

So... given this situation, how can I toggle my Surface's trackpad?

Just to show it really appears to be gone...

Some search results

Store search results showing the Trackpad Settings app

... and the store page for that one result.

The store page for the Trackpad Settings app, saying "Sorry, this app is no longer available"


The app is still available.
I just uninstalled / reinstalled it to be sure.
Check again to see if it shows up for you.
In case locale matters, I'm en-US.

  • It's suddenly available again. I even checked last night or the night before and it wasn't available... but now it is. I wonder what happened. Thanks! – doppelgreener Sep 5 '13 at 14:29

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