I have a small Excel spreadsheet with 2 columns. One with values, the other with dates. Eg.

A     B
1   1/1/11

2   1/4/12

3   3/3/13

1   12/4/12

3   2/2/11

I want to

  1. search a value in column A (that value may occur multiple times) and get the row index where it occurs.
  2. get the largest (MAX) date from column B associated with the value that I searched for in column A using the search indices.

Example: I search for 1 and get back 12/4/12.

Ideally I would like to perform steps 1 and 2 in a single command. Help?


Setup your spreadsheet like this (only columns A & B)


Cell D2 is your input, so any number that is going to match in Column A

Cell D5 is your output,

Right-click cell D5 and select Format Cells, chose format as Date and then stick

=MAX(IF(A3:A7=D2, B3:B7))

Copy the formula to D5 and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to use it as an array formula.

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