I followed this tutorial to create an epub file. The mimetype file only contains application/epub+zip and should not be compressed. However, the zip commands that were recommended to achieve the non-compression of mimetype, i. e.

 zip -0Xq  ebook.epub mimetype
 zip -Xr9Dq ebook.epub *

...produce the following error when I run epubcheck:

ERROR: ebook.epub/mimetype: Mimetype file should contain only the string "application/epub+zip".

So I tried two other combinations of zip options, but the error stays the same.

 zip -X ebook.epub mimetype 
 zip -rg ebook.epub META-INF 
 zip -rg ebook.epub OEBPS

 zip -X0 ebook.epub mimetype
 zip -rX9 ebook.epub * -x mimetype

However, Calibre will open any of these Ebooks without any problems.

The content of my mimetype file is correct, so that it must be a problem with the zip commands. Or could this a bug of epubcheck?


You need to remove the character \n and \r from the mimetype file using tr command of linux as follows:

tr -d '\n'< mimetype >mimetype.1 tr -d '\r'< mimetype.1 >mimetype.2 rm mimetype mimetype.1 mv mimetype.2 mimetype

And then you will have to add the file mimetype to the epub file using the following command:

zip -0Xq book.epub mimetype

Then you need to add remaining files to epub files as follows:

zip -Xr9Dq book.epub * -x mimetype -x book.epub

Then just validate it using online epub validator such as http://validator.idpf.org/ and you will get NO ERROR regarding mimetype.

I hope this helps to you.

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    It is not necessary to modify the mimetype file. You can create it directly without the newline: echo -n application/epub+zip >mimetype. – pabouk Nov 15 '13 at 12:22
  • I tried it with the echo command and your zip commands and epubcheck does not bring this error message anymore. Thanks! – Suzana Nov 16 '13 at 19:35

open the minetype file in dreamweaver or any text editing software and delete any spaces after the line that says 'application/epub+zip'. Make sure there isn't any returns as well.

That should work


I'm using a Mac, running "ePub Zip/Unzip 3.0" (an Applescript that contains the correct zip commands, etc.) and I got this error too.

It turns out that both BBEdit and TextWrangler have a Preferences setting that automatically adds an additional line-break when you save. I unchecked that preference, and no more error.

Check your text editor to see if it has such a preference, and turn it off, if you can. (In BBEdit, it's called "Ensure file ends with line break" under the "Text Files" Preference.)



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