Will there be any problem if I copy contents from an NTFS file-system hard disk to an exFAT file-system hard disk? I will taking files from Windows 7 on an NTFS file-system EHD and copying them on a Fedora machine.


You shouldn't have any issues. You may need to install a NTFS driver in Fedora. To do this run the following commands: To become root:

 su -

To install ntfs-3g:

yum install ntfs-3g

After ntfs-3g is installed you should be able to read/write to the NTFS external hard drive. More info on ntfs-3g can be found here


There will be no problem except that you'll lose all the file permissions (and encrypted files, if any)

Another possible problem if you have tons of small files: your files will consume more space on disk because ExFAT uses 64KB cluster by default

Please explain wasted space on an exFAT formatted external hard drive

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